Our History


Mike was running another company right before we started with Dime Water, and that company was going to move to Florida and we did not want to move so Mike said that Di and Me, we will going to open a business and we will call it DiMe Water. That was it! It was so much work, Mike would handwrite our catalogs and I would typewrite everything…

We were in California for such a short time, coming from the Mid-West it was extremely difficult to start a business because you need to network with people and when you don’t know anyone it is just a high risk.

– Dianne Kuypers, President/Chief Financial Officer.

I had a preconceived notion, that none salt type equipment would not work, so I just jumped into the truck one day and started talking to plumbers and contractors and I remember coming back once from such a trip and I was told by a man that he is using non-chemical and I said those don’t work but I was just myopic coming from Wisconsin. This man got me thinking and then shortly after that we have been building some RO units and I think they were going to Japan and they don’t have salt for water softener so I said we will do a non-chemical approach so this is how I came up with the first pattern for our first non-chemical device. We said that if we build an RO we will incorporate our technology for scale prevention and then if something happens to the membranes we will replace the membranes. Within a short period of time we had put guarantees on membranes that has a dollar value that was greater than the dollar value of their company; so had they failed we would have lost the company we gambled everything on them and they worked, they worked fine.

Dealing with the Japanese, who are really conscious of how something looks it became quite instructional for us to start putting together equipment that not only functioned well but it had to be almost a work of art. Form, Fit and Function that is what we learned from the Japanese.

– Michael Colburn, Vice President/Chief Engineer/Commercial Sales.


June 14th, 1994

First day in business

March 1996


September 1996

Purchased building in Vista, California

November 1996

Obtained aquafer patent

September 1998

Completed construction of test lab

September 2002

Expanded facility to twice it’s size

January 2003

Added metal fabrication machines to increase production capabilities

January 2004

Added water reuse capability to commercial reverse osmosis test area to conserve water

June 2008

Extensive office renovation

November 2011

Renovated lab into industry approved water production/water facility

March 2012

Added product display and fill table area to facility

June 2013

Began water system development for solar equipment