Commercial Water Treatment Systems

the need commercial water treatment systemsCommercial water treatment systems are unique. Many water treatment companies would like you to believe that they’ve got an out-of-the-box system perfect for you. The truth is there may be micro-variants in your water that need a customized solution. Dime takes the time to understand the specific needs of your commercial water treatment systems.

Hardness/Scale Iron Stains Chlorine odor Sulfur Odor High TDS Nitrate/Sulfate Arsenic Fluoride Bacteria/Viruses Need High Purity Lab/Process Water
Aquafer X X
ESF Plus X X
Ultra violet X
Replaceable Filters X X X X X X X  X
Up-flow Tank filters X X X
Maxicure X X X X X
Backwash Filter X X X X X X
Water Store X X X X X X X
Whole House RO X X X X X X X
Commercial RO X X X X X X X
Light Commercial RO X X X X X X X
Seawater RO X
High Purity Systems X X X X X X X  X
Commercial Softener X X
Alternating Softener X X
Special ION Exchange X X X
Chemical Feed X X X
Deionizer X X


No Chemicals and no water used for regeneration Water only used for regeneration Chemicals and water used for regeneration