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Do You Need a Water Softener?

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Soft Water Salt Pellets water softenerDo you need a water softener? In all but a very few parts of the world, the answer should be YES. After you answer the following questions about why soft water is for you to read on about exciting 21st-century technology to make it happen.

1. How does my laundry look? Water hardness interferes with soap and detergents. Result? Water that doesn’t get ‘sudsy’ enough to clean, a fabric-damaging film on clothes, and unsightly surface scum left behind in your washer.

2. Is there a white, chalky substance on my faucets and shower walls?
That’s mostly limescale, a material made of calcium carbonate. You can scrub it off but it will keep coming back as long as you use your sinks and shower. It’s one of the most obvious signs of hard water. If you’ve just had a renovation done, be it one with Glass Shower Direct shower walls or with other products, seeing this buildup can be frustrating, and water softeners may be the best counter you could do.

3. Has the water pressure dropped?

Once again, the culprit is limescale. It accumulates on the inside of your pipes when they are exposed to hard water, and those deposits will continue to build up until they begin restricting the flow of water.

We have offered products for years that solve hard water problems and are environmentally perfect — no use of salt or chemicals, not a single drop of water goes wastefully to drain, no electricity used and no moving parts that require service. Our Aquafer and ESF units replace traditional softeners that use technologies from the 1920s that discharge salt and wastewater to drain, require electricity, and are plagued with costly service calls.

You’ll find several environmentally friendly products on our website. Please contact us if you need help deciding which water softener solution is best for your home or business.

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