Water treatment products are ever changing in the world

water treatment productsThere is currently a huge increase in interest in water treatment products. This interest level crosses all market segments- residential, commercial and industrial and appears to be fueled by health and water shortage issues at the residential level. Water treatment products interest in the commercial and industrial markets is motivated by a number of factors primarily water conservation, product improvements, and regulatory demands.
As time goes on we anticipate the interest in and demand for treatment products to continue at an even higher rate driven by the publicity of water contaminants, water scarcity, increase in industrial sophistication and bureaucratic pressures.
One of the more positive results of an interest increase in water treatment is an increase in water treatment options. Prior to developments in the 1970s water treatment options consisted of ion exchange, distillation, and a few filter media selections. Water got treated but chemical and salt waste (pollution) were high, water waste was out of control, energy consumption was out of line and spent media disposal loaded with toxic materials was the norm.
Current water treatment options still include ion exchange, distillation and media filters to be used judiciously and are now supplemented by new treatment products including reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, electro deionization, capacitive deionization, ultraviolet, advanced oxidation process, cartridge filtration, non-chemical (physical) hardness scale prevention, long life redox media and ultrasonic devices.
An entirely new family of water options appealing to a rapidly growing group of water purists consists of treatment products and processes to increase alkalinity, add electrolytes, add elemental hydrogen, add crystalline vibrations, add magnetic impulses, follow the Golden Ratio, energize via vortex and improve hydration through surface tension reduction.
As a prospective purchaser of water treatment products, there is wisdom in doing due diligence and explore your water treatment options to obtain precisely what is best for you. Further, you are best served by working with a prospective supplier that offers more than one or two options and is prepared to discuss them at a technical level and not simply provide a glossy brochure.


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