Non-chemical Water Treatment Systems

Non-chemical Water Treatment Systems
Aquafer TM water purification system by Dimewater

aquafer water sourceDime Water, Inc.’s Catalytic/Magnetic Process
Our catalytic/magnetic process actually employs the bicarbonate to carbonate transition by pressure drop to create seeds of hardness that wash through the plumbing system without attaching to metal surfaces and likewise does not react with soaps and detergents. The magnetic portion simply causes multiple particles to cling together and thus take longer before they go back into solution. The entire process is referred to as being transient in nature.

To replace chlorine and hydrogen peroxide as biocides we employ ultraviolet light in our UV series of products and on-site ozone production on our Maxi-Cure Plus systems. Ultra Violet has no residual to be left in the water and ozone has a half life of 20 minutes so any ozone not consumed by the biological oxygen demand (BOD) or chemical oxygen demand (COD) will be halved in 20 minutes, ¼ in 40 minutes, etc. until entirely reverted from O3 (ozone) to O2 (oxygen).

The Supply of Clean Water on Earth Is Dwindling at an Alarming Rate
Dime Water, Inc. has developed unique processes to condition and purify water without using salts or other chemicals that can further damage the environment and the supply of clean water we all need.

We have two patented non-chemical water conditioner methods that we’ve incorporated into our AquaferTM, MaxicureTM, and ESFTM Series products.

Catalytic/Magnetic Water Conditioners
Our non-chemical water conditioners change water hardness without any salt. Hard water is a problem in many areas of the world and throughout America; and it costs millions of dollars in damage to plumbing, appliances, clothing, and property annually. Without getting too technical, our Dime Water, Inc. solutions use a partial vacuum process that turns the excess calcium bicarbonate in hard water into microscopic seeds of calcium carbonate and their numbers are increased through action with a catalytic material. These seeds pass through plumbing and fixtures without causing scale and do not react unfavorably with soaps and shampoos. This conditioned water is delivered without the use of chemicals and electricity and no water is sent to drain.

Light-Based Non-Chemical Water Conditioners
Harmful microbes are another water problem Dime Water, Inc. solves without environmentally-unsafe chemicals. We use quartz-encased fluorescent bulbs integrated with metals that generate a particular light wavelength when heated. This specific wavelength of light kills water-borne bacteria, cysts, viruses, fungi, etc. without any chemicals and with very minimal energy usage.

By using the term non-chemical water conditioning we mean that we do something to the water where traditionally chemicals needed to be used. Common alternate terms include physical water treatment and photo disinfection.

With an ever increasing world population and a decreasing supply of reasonably clean surface and ground water it is inconceivable that we would continue to dump chemicals and create disinfection by products (DBP) that harm the environment and the population. To that end, we utilize two environmental saving processes as much as possible:

A catalytic/magnetic process used in our AquaferTM, MaxiureTM, and ESFTM series of products to eliminate the effects of hard water without using salt.

There are millions of tons of salt needlessly finding its way into our water sources annually as traditional water softeners are regenerated.

The chemistry of water hardness is quite simple. Rain falling through the atmosphere picks up carbon dioxide (CO2) which creates carbonic acid (H2CO3). The carbonic acid lowers the pH of the water. As the now acidic water percolates through the soil and underlying rock formations containing calcium and magnesium, it dissolves these metals and creates calcium bicarbonate — Ca(HCO3)2 This exists in the water in a balanced, harmless, ion form. This balance can be upset by heating and we have Ca(HCO3)2 + Heat = CaCO3 + H2O + CO2 which translates to soluble bicarbonate form of calcium becoming the insoluble form of calcium carbonate (limestone) as the bicarbonate breaks down and gives off carbon dioxide. The balance can be upset by replacing heat with a drop in pressure or a partial vacuum thus driving off carbon dioxide— note the build-up of scale on the outlet of a re-circulating pump or a faucet.

We simply create the above in our systems with a small pressure drop, which creates microscopic seeds of calcium carbonate, give them an environment to multiply on a flexible stainless steel catalytic surface and then agglomerate the seeds by breaking down the natural separating forces with magnetic fields. No salt, no chemicals, no water to drain, no electricity.

Light exists and is measured in different wave lengths. We can see between the colors of violet and red. About in the middle of this range is a wave length of 264 nano meters (nm) which is known to upset the DNA/RNA of bacteria and viruses and many cysts thus preventing reproduction and infections related to them. It can be manufactured with special quartz encased “fluorescent” bulbs containing metals that when heated in turn produce the desired wave length.

Through experiments it was determined that an intensity of these rays on a given area (sq. cm) and measured in milli joules (mJ) can destroy known water borne contaminants —-this is called the fluence. A fluence of 16 mJ/sq. cm to 40 mj/sq. cm does the job. Low energy —a 29 GPM system uses 40 watts— with no chemicals and no DBP. Critical to its use is pre-treatment (hopefully non-chemical) to prevent clouding of the bulb chamber and turbidity above 5 micron that could “hide” biology from the rays.

filters for chemical free water treatment


As part of our family of non-chemical treatment processes we often use replaceable filter cartridges as pre or post treatment for the AQUAFER, MAXI-CURE, AND ESF SYSTEMS all of which are designed to be maintenance free for 10+ years. We stock well over 100 different sizes   and materials from single faucet to C&I (shown)

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ultraviolet water sanitation


About the only other replaceable item used in our non chemical product line are lamps  for our ultraviolet units which need replacement annually (9000 operating hours).

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A water treatment system service and maintenance plan is an economical interference-free manner in order to ensure that the water treatment system is operating at the desired performance. Our approach is – on a local basis including much of southern California – to use contractors’ help. More often than not, we are able to provide a plumber or a licensed technician that will work on our behalf to get the equipment repaired. We are available from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday to answer all your questions!

Dime Water, Inc. provides pre- and post treatment instructions with every system at the time of the shipment. Our staffed engineers will be in touch with you to answer all your questions about pre- or post treatment. If you have any questions, call and talk to our water treatment experts.