Nutrient Delivery System


nutrient delivery system


Nutrient Delivery System for growing crops indoors without soil by using a HYDROPONIC or AEROPONIC process is becoming extremely popular. Often called URBAN FARMING these farms are not dependent on the weather, require less space especially when growth trays are stacked, and offer shortened growth cycles through the use of LED lamps.

Crop yield and quality are determined by WATER QUALITY normally accomplished through treating the source water with REVERSE OSMOSIS. To this treated water, carefully selected NUTRIENTS are added and pH is adjusted. Both tailored to a specific crop. Accuracy is critical so controlled batches are made in a BATCH TANK prior to addition to the crop.

The ANF NUTRIENT DELIVERY SYSTEM automatically adds up to six nutrients from cone-bottomed graduated tanks while also adjusting the pH up/down as required. A stainless steel pump circulates the mixture at 15 GPM and pH plus the ELECTRO CONDUCTIVITY (EC) are monitored and displayed. Feed stops at max. EC setting. The pump can deliver treated water to the growing area,


– Cannabis
– Herbs
– Flowers
– Basil
– Anise


Dimensions: 56”L x 36” W x 60” H
Electrical Power. 230/60/1. 3/4 Hp
Feed pumps. Diaphragm. 0.1—5L/HR each (8)
Plumbing. Schedule 80 PVC
Frame material Aluminum. On castors
Other sizes and controls availability upon request

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