Organic Gardening Water Filter – Guard’N Grow

Chlorine Removal System

Organic Gardening water filter

For Healthier, Mineral and Vitamin Rich
Food for your Home Garden
100% recyclable media

A “Must Have” for every Organic Gardener

This simple GUARD’N GROW organic gardening water filter unit will produce up to 25,000 gallons of chlorine free water for the home garden.
*8000 minutes of watering!

Made in USAGuard your plants and food that you eat from the harmful effects of chlorine in the water Chlorine kills and minimizes the microbiology in soil that is vital in converting minerals into forms that nourish the plants and ultimately the consumer of the foods produced. Dead soil produces mineral and vitamin deficient food.

*To give you an idea of the life of the GUARD’N GROW organic gardening water filter, unit, the water requirement for tomatoes is 140 gallons in a typical 10 week growth cycle to yield 20 pounds of tomatoes. The GUARD’N GROW will produce enough chlorine free water for 1 1/2 Tons of Tomatoes!

Featuring Chlor-Gone 100% Recyclable Media