Organic Gardening Water Filter – Guard’N Grow

Chlorine Removal System

Organic Gardening water filter

For Healthier, Mineral and Vitamin Rich
Food for your Home Garden
100% recyclable media

A “Must Have” for every Organic Gardener

This simple GUARD’N GROW organic gardening water filter unit will produce up to 25,000 gallons of chlorine-free water for the home garden.
*8000 minutes of watering!

Made in USA

*To give you an idea of the life of the GUARD’N GROW organic gardening water filter, unit, the water requirement for tomatoes is 140 gallons in a typical 10-week growth cycle to yield 20 pounds of tomatoes. The GUARD’N GROW will produce enough chlorine-free water for 1 1/2 Tons of Tomatoes!

Featuring Chlor-Gone 100% Recyclable Media