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Extra Clean Laundry Without Soaps or Detergents?

First, the history of ozone laundry treatment. Commercial launderers, like phs BeSafe (https://www.phsbesafe.co.uk/), have always had their services required by multiple industries – from hotels to construction companies – so they are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency and ways to keep their costs down. This is why years ago commercial launderers began cleaning huge loads of laundry from homes, hotels, hospitals, motels and other sources without soaps and detergents and also without hot water. Not only did they save huge amounts of money on cleaning products but energy costs plummeted when water heaters were turned off. This inexpensive, reliable technology is now available to homeowners.

Their “secret” is to add nature’s OZONE laundry treatment to COLD WATER.

Ozone is activated oxygen which is naturally produced during thunderstorms and gives the air that clean, fresh smell after the storm passes. Not a chemical, but nature’s own cleaning agent. Ozone is 3,000 times more powerful than household chlorine bleach in killing microorganisms, does not bleach out colors and actually disappears minutes after it does its work by reverting to oxygen.

ozone laundry treatmentNot only are odor-causing and dangerous bacteria killed by the ozone, but the ozone laundry treatment breaks down soiling and staining materials into hydrogen and carbon compounds that flush away without a trace, leaving even the most soiled fabrics clean and bright. Harsh chemicals and perfumes from detergents are eliminated which is healthier and improves fabric life. Fabrics smell clean because they are clean and not just masked with detergent perfume additives.

For home use, a small wall-mounted box is provided. The cold water line goes to it and then from it to the washing machine. Inside the box, air is passed through a manmade lightning bolt called a corona discharge which changes the oxygen in the air to ozone. Coldwater is used because it accepts and holds more ozone than hot water. These units are historically reliable requiring no maintenance or servicing.

Protect your family from unhealthy chemicals found in most detergents, have brighter, bacteria-free fabrics, save heater operating costs and forever forget buying more detergent with ozone laundry treatment.

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