Ozone Water Treatment Systems for Pool Owners

Ozone Treatments
So, you’ve gone to an inground swimming pool builder and had a luxury pool installed in your backyard… what now?

Making sure your pool stays clean and safe is always a priority, from pool barrier checks melbourne to making sure there is adequate signage for potential slips. Preventing dangerous bacteria from thriving in your pool is also a major health and safety concern and this often means the use of harsh water conditioners which can also cause health problems. However, there is another option that we will talk about in this article and that is water filtration.

Many filtration processes are accomplished without the use of chemicals. Dime Water Inc. has gone beyond that point and we utilize processes which replace traditional water conditioners that use chemicals such as salt, chlorine, potassium chloride, hydrogen peroxide, and others. So, if you have a pool already installed, or you are looking at a free-standing pool from somewhere like BNCPOOLS.COM, we have a new filtrations system for you. We use an ozone water treatment system for pool owners to help keep their water clean. Pool owners are often facing issues related to water sanitizing, and non-chemical treatment solutions for keeping their water clean.

In a world that is under constant pressure from chemical contamination, it is vitally important to eliminate as many pollutants as possible. Pool water quality can be drastically improved and costs can be saved on the long term if you apply ozone for swimming pool water treatment.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is sometimes called “activated oxygen” and contains 3 atoms of oxygen, rather than the 2 atoms we normally breathe. Other interesting facts about ozone include the following:

  • ozone is the second most powerful sterilant
  • it can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors
  • it is a pungent gas created naturally in the earth’s upper atmosphere by the action of ultraviolet sunlight on oxygen molecules
  • ozone can also be produced by sending air through a chamber radiated by intense ultraviolet light
  • ozone can be created for water treatment or other purposes by sending air through a special chamber containing a high-voltage spark; this creates a blue plasma corona
  • being short-lived, ozone readily decays back to normal oxygen

Ozone Disinfection Mechanism

Due to the ozone’s high oxidation potential, cell components of the bacterial cell wall are oxidized. Once ozone has penetrated the cell wall, it oxidizes all of the cell’s essential components, such as enzymes, proteins, DNA and RNA. When the cellular membrane is damaged during this process, the cell will fall apart, a process called lysis. This mechanism differs from that of halogens, such as chlorine, which is known to penetrate cells by diffusion.

Ozone is capable of destroying all cysts, fungus, viral agents and bacteria INSTANTLY, whereas, chlorine is not effective in destroying protozoa cysts. If you are using chlorine, it may take 30-60 minutes to destroy bacteria or other agents. Ozone is much more capable of penetrating and destroying bio-films in distribution systems and water wells than chlorine.

Swimming Pool Water Pollutants

A bit hard to believe, swimming pool water pollution is mainly caused by swimmers. Each swimmer carries a large number of microorganisms and many of these microorganisms may be pathogenic. This dynamic pollution is dependent on the number and types of swimmers, but generally, swimming pool pollutants can be divided up into 3 categories:

  • dissolved pollutants: can consist of urine, sweat, eye fluids and saliva; when these compounds react with chlorine in swimming pool water, the incomplete oxidation can cause chloramine formation
  • microorganisms
  • undissolved pollutants: mainly consist of visible floating particles, such as hairs and skin flakes, but also of colloidal particles, such as skin tissues and soap remains.

Ozone is very suitable for swimming pool water treatment; however, because of its strong oxidation and disinfection mechanism, ozone is only permitted for use as a supplementary measure.

Dime Water Inc.’s Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Ozone is probably the most effective source of oxidizing that we have in our “arsenal” for killing bacteria or oxidizing iron. Its reaction time with bacteria and oxidizing iron and manganese can be measured in just seconds; it takes place rapidly and very effectively. The beauty of the light approach with the UV is that you do not have to pre-treat the air for moisture and you got a pretty good predicted life, typically the bulb will last one year before replacement, which is an economical approach to produce ozone. See our ozone water treatment units.

If you are a pool owner and are concerned about the harmful effects of chlorine in your pool water, call us at 760.734.5787 and get in touch with one of our water experts today!


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