Aquafer Watersource Water Conditioner

A Patented Water Treatment Solution

Made in USAThe Aquafer water conditioner uses an exclusive, patented system that can be built for any size home or business.

This environmentally friendly solution uses a catalytic/magnetic process and a special media to transform harmful products in your water (hardness, chlorine, lead, chromium and other heavy metals into harmless ions.

Benefits of the Aquafer

If you’re not happy with the quality of the water flowing through your taps, the Aquafer Watersource offers one of the more effective and hassle-free solutions for improving your water’s quality and taste.

The system does not use salt or electricity, and requires no maintenance or filters to be replaced.

aquafer 2

Hard water comes in contact with a seat and plunger which causes a slight pressure reduction.  With this reduction, calcium hardness crystals are created. These crystals are multiplied through a catalytic reaction, and then pass through a rare earth magnetic field.  This field is able to hold the hardness crystals as a suspended solid for up to 72 hours.  When a suspended solid, the hardness in the water will not attach to plumbing fixtures or any appliance in your home/business that uses water.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the time-saving (and cost-saving) advantages of never having to purchase salt, chemicals or replacement filters, the Aquafer water conditioner offers these benefits as well:

  • Eliminates hard water scale on your pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Improves plant growth by delivering “wetter” water
  • Reduces bathtub rings
  • Prevents growth of microbial contaminants
  • Makes your soap and detergents last longer

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