Backwashing Filters

Backwashing FilterMade in USABackwashing filters are used for the physical properties of water, which includes removing color, taste and odor. Backwashing filters are also used for chemical control: fluoride removal, chloramines removal. For instance you can have iron discoloration, which is a physical property of the water and you can also have odor issues such as hydrogen sulfite/rotten-egg odor and by using a select medium or combinations of media Dime Water, Inc. can take care of both in one tank.

Because we are dealing with harsh waters it is very important that we use tank and valve materials that are not going to be compromised by the water conditions. Quite often there is pre and post treatment to backwashing filters. The pretreatment will often be a chemical feed system, feeding something like chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, perhaps ozone will help with the oxidizing properties and will remove iron and manganese. It is not unusual to put a post cartridge filter after a media filter, let the media filter do the 99% of the work and then just any trace amounts of the contaminant would then be picked up by the post cartridge filter.

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Backwashing Filter Types Used by Dime Water, Inc
We typically start as a single tank with a valve on top of that, within that tank we can put at least 10 different materials depending on what the water condition is.
We can put in materials to take out:

iron, hydrogen sulfide, and visible things in the water (turbidity). We can adjust the PH and then we can take out combinations of those materials depending on the water condition.

As a company that’s really our specialty, we tend to do more of that and do it better than anyone else.


Used in a variety of contexts, control valves regulate the water flow based on signals received from system controllers by fully or partially opening or closing, which is done automatically by actuators.

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These filters use a bed of sand, peat, crushed glass, foam, granite or other material to filter water for drinking, swimming, aquaculture and other applications. We are able to offer 20 different filter media at any given time.

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A water treatment system service and maintenance plan is an economical interference-free manner in order to ensure that the water treatment system is operating at the desired performance. Our approach is – on a local basis including much of southern California – to use contractors’ help. More often than not, we are able to provide a plumber or a licensed technician that will work on our behalf to get the equipment repaired. We are available from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday to answer all your questions!

Dime Water, Inc. provides pre- and post treatment instructions with every system at the time of the shipment. Our staffed engineers will be in touch with you to answer all your questions about pre- or post treatment. If you have any questions, call and talk to our water treatment experts.


A: We are able to give a good estimate about that if we know the flow rate.

A: You need to call in and let us know where you would like to put it. After describing this we are able to tell you if it fits.

A: Our estimate is pretty accurate about this. We’ll let you know when purchasing.

A: The best that you are going to find from a backwashing or a media filter would be in the neighborhood of 10 micron.