Commercial Softeners and Water Treatment Solutions

Dimewater Inc. is a premier manufacturer of high quality water treatment systems for commercial applications.

Our experience extends to a wide range of water projects and has always met the strict demands of each business, utilizing all known and tested treatment technologies.

Commercial Water Treatment

Water is used by virtually every industry in some capacity. From restaurants that wash food and dishes to hospitals that require the highest standards of filtration and purification, it is vital that the water used in business and commercial enterprises meets or exceeds all government standards.

Dimewater Inc. delivers complete and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions to address your particular concerns and business needs.

Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

Aquafer and Aquafer Plus water conditioners provide salt-free and chemical-free solutions for treating municipal water supplies. We also provide commercial and industrial water softeners for hotels, hospitals, boilers, food and beverage processors, schools, farms and other businesses.

Water Scale Prevention

The ESF Scale Preventer and ESF Plus Water Treatment System offer the most environmentally friendly hard water treatment solution available for restaurants, hospitals, car washes, landscaping services and other commercial enterprises. The Maxi Cure eliminates scaling on icemakers and boilers, and reduces kitchen maintenance in laundromats and hospitals.

Water Stores

Dimewater Inc. is a leading supplier of systems for water stores. These solutions are created based on your water chemistry, with particular attention paid to the treated water quality, long-term reliability, and simplicity of operation.

Ultraviolet Water Systems

Ultra Violet Disinfection SystemDimewater Inc. offers a wide range of efficient and economical ultraviolet disinfection equipment. These systems remove harmful bacteria from water without using chemicals, and are ideal for commercial-potable and wastewater, and medical and pharmaceutical applications.

High Purity Water Filtration Systems

Different businesses may have different standards to meet in water purity. Whatever your quality requirements, we have high purity water filters and treatment units to satisfy your specifications.

Reverse Osmosis

Dimewater Inc. offers Commercial Reverse Osmosis and Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis solutions customized to your needs. Our Seawater Reverse Osmosis solutions can be built in vertical, horizontal or compact systems.

Chemical Feed Systems

Chemical Feed SystemIn circumstances where some type of chemical must be used to properly treat water, we offer electric and water powered chemical feed systems based on your water composition and requirements.