Ultraviolet Disinfection

No Chemicals or Additives Nature’s Way to Disinfect Water

Made in USAUltraViolet disinfection equipment made by Dime Water Manufacturing offers a wide range of Ultra Violet products covering the complete spectrum of applications:

  • Drinking Water
  • Waste Water
  • Commercial-potable and wastewater
  • Light, general and heavy industrial
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Ultra Pure

How does a UV Light Work?

UV light is similar to the light from the sun and must be treated as such. Ultraviolet disinfection has been known for over 100 years as an effective method for inactivating waterborne pathogens and viruses. Ultraviolet light disinfects when it is applied to the water at a specified intensity and length of time. Waterborne micro-organisms are rendered “microbiologically dead” by penetrating the cell wall and affecting the microorganisms’ DNA so that it is unable to reproduce.
Ultraviolet Disinfection has become the most popular alternative or supplement to traditional chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. These systems offer a number of advantages as well:

  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Easily adapted to fit existing plumbing
  • Does not inject any taste or odors like chlorines do
  • Does not produce any undesirable by-products

Most private homes receive water from a municipal supply which is treated at the municipal water treatment plant.  Other private homes have their own well which pulls water from the ground into the home.  Both sources have the potential to become contaminated in many different ways.  By installing a UV treatment system, you can eliminate the possibility of contaminated water from such microorganisms as E. coli, fecal coliform, and Cryptosporidium.