Safe Water – Think your water is safe?

safe waterWe have all heard the cautionary statement “what could possibly go wrong here?” This usually applies to seeing someone standing on the top rung of a ladder, shaving while driving, or repairing an electrical device near a body of water, but not always. I have always had concerns about hack-prone remote control of everything from home appliances, home security systems, and even automobiles. Even worse would be control over the electrical grid or, heaven forbid, a public water system. The latter happened the week of Feb. 7, 2021, in Oldsmar, FL according to a report in today’s edition of Industrial Equipment News.

According to the article, a hacker took control of the chemical treatment process and released excess amounts of sodium hydroxide into the water supply. In properly controlled levels, this chemical is common and harmless and used to raise the water pH to prevent corrosion of the pipes in the distribution system. High levels are toxic and damaging to tissue. Fortunately, a utility employee was viewing the facility online, noticed what was occurring, and blocked his/her efforts.

Had the employee’s attention been diverted or delayed,  this could have been a disaster. Chances are this particular chemical would be noticed by taste or odor at points of use and consumer use minimized. Had it been a different chemical such as a fluoride compound frequently introduced in municipal water supplies, significant human damage could have occurred.

This scenario will probably be repeated more and more frequently as utilities rely heavily on remote control and monitoring to keep labor costs low and give the appearance of being technologically advanced.

What to do?  There’s no substitute for adding a layer of protection in your home — namely, an under-counter reverse osmosis system to provide much safer drinking and cooking water in your home. Properly installed and maintained, these units last for many years, provide peace-of-mind and safe water.

We offer multiple reverse osmosis systems. All provide extra safety with efficient water use and upscale systems can add ultra-high water use efficiency,  alkalinity addition, remineralizing, structured water, crystals, etc., etc.

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