Twin Alternating Water Softeners and Filtration Systems

Twin Alternating Water Softeners and Filters are designed to give the customers conditioned water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Single tank water softeners require a one to two hour window for regeneration. During this time, the system goes into a hard water by-pass. In some cases, this hard water by-pass is not possible because conditioned water is needed on-demand at any time. Twin alternating systems were engineered so as one tank is regenerating, the second tank takes over assuring the end-user conditioned water on a continual basis.
Dime Water Manufacturing engineers and designs twin alternating systems for any size application where uninterrupted conditioned water is needed. From our smallest 10 gallon per minute system for to our largest commercial/industrial equipment for large hospitals and hotels, Dime Water will customize a system for your specific needs.

twin alternating water softener equipment

twin alternating water softeners