To combat the ongoing drought conditions and help with the necessary demand for water conservation in Phoenix, Dime Water offers product lines that revolutionize water treatment by eliminating water waste and the need for salt-based treatments. Building on our expertise since 1995, Dime Water has been established as a leading provider of environmentally friendly water purifiers, a large part is in thanks to our patented catalytic-magnetic process. This technology has been instrumental in conserving precious potable water and reducing environmental harm. We have estimated that our technology has already saved 130 million gallons of water from being lost to drainage and prevented the discharge of 30 million pounds of salt into the ecosystem.

Our latest offerings, Aquafer and ESF 2.0, are enhanced versions of our renowned technology. They boast an extended effective treatment life for hardness scale prevention, providing customers with a 20% longer lifespan. Notably, the new units are designed to address a wider range of scaling issues. In addition to combating the common calcium carbonate scale, these units also tackle scaling caused by calcium sulfate, strontium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium fluoride, and calcium phosphate. This expanded capability is particularly significant for residential and commercial reverse osmosis applications.

The technology operates by creating microscopic seeds of one or more scale-forming minerals. This unique approach triggers the formation of seeds for the remaining minerals, due to fascinating phenomena. Once these seeds are formed, the product’s powerful heterogeneous magnetic field interacts with the microscopic mineral particles, causing them to cluster together and remain suspended instead of dissolving back into the water. In this clustered state, the mineral particles lose their charge and cannot adhere to surfaces, effectively eliminating the formation of scale.

By introducing Aquafer, Dime Water aims to make a substantial impact on water conservation in Phoenix, Arizona. With its ability to prevent scale formation and minimize wastage, Aquafer reduces the need for excessive water usage in homes, commercial establishments, and reverse osmosis systems. By conserving water resources and minimizing the discharge of harmful salts into the environment, Aquafer offers an eco-friendly solution that aligns with Phoenix’s efforts to combat water scarcity and preserve the region’s delicate ecosystem.