Water Treatment Units for General Manufacturing

Productivity and economic efficiency are the main factors for sustainable success in all industrial sectors. Our aim is to help ensure the safe and economical operation of our clients’ facilities with the help of our competent service and individual treatment concepts. Often, large manufacturing and office complexes require pretreatment and onsite pumping to handle the volume of sanitary wastewater they produce. When companies are provided with long-term value and long-lasting equipment that minimizes the need for daily operation and maintenance, they can focus on creating profits.


Reverse osmosis has been developing into one of the most important technologies in the production of highly pure water. Used for a variety of purposes, nowadays reverse osmosis is used in almost all branches of modern industry. As with any other business, the target is to run companies under environmentally friendly and beneficial economical conditions, putting special attention to an efficient utilization of energy, as well as saving water.


For water treatment in different general manufacturing industries, we also provide the following water treatment solutions and equipment:

In solving problems for our customers, we use virtually all known water treatment processes assuring the customer of the most economical and environmentally friendly solution. Nanofiltration is one of the newest and most leading edge technologies in water treatment. A pressure-driven membrane separation process, nano filtration is favored where hardness is objectionable but small amounts of salt are acceptable. Required operating pressures are lower, which means there is less power consumption, and recovery is higher, resulting in less wasted water. Every Dime Water, Inc. commercial nanofiltration system is custom built to our clients’ specific requirements.

Dime Water, Inc. specializes in working with mechanical contractors in the engineering, design, installation and set up of commercial water softeners. We use only American-made products and media with high quality valves, timers and meters from Fleck, Clack and Autotrol.

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