Residential Products

Dime Water, Inc.'s residential water softeners can help you feel the difference between good water and excellent water! We provide residential water softeners that comply with the industry standard for water treatment technology.

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Commercial Products

We are a premier manufacturer and distributor of high quality water treatment systems for commercial applications. Over the years, we have specialized in various types of water projects and have always met the strict demands of each customer.

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Industrial Products

Water supply systems are the backbone of any community, business and industry in this world. Many industries rely on water-using applications and water quality is highly important. We aim to provide sustainable water treatment solutions that promote business growth.

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Most Common Water Contaminants


Why Dime Water Inc.? 

Engineered Products

 Contemporary Technology

 Superior Customer Service

 Excellent Quality Control

 Products Built In USA

 Excellent Warranties

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Water Purification Systems Manufacturer.

The Dime Water Inc. Difference – Over 20 Years of Experience.

Dime Water Inc. is a water treatment manufacturer located in Vista, CA, occupying two company-owned facilities with 10,000 square feet of space. The company specializes in building industrial, commercial and residential water treatment products. The company has been in this area since 1994 and enjoys OEM status with a vast number of component manufacturers thus enabling competitive pricing and true value with their products. The on-site laboratory allows for fast and reliable water testing, in order to correctly recommend the products specifically for the customer’s needs. A truly vertically-integrated company, Dime Water Inc. has met the critical expectations of customers such as NASA, US Army, Mitsubishi, General Motors and the University of Tokyo.

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