Our Happy Customers

belching beaver

Belching Beaver Brewery

The unit Dime Water Inc. built for the Belching Beaver Brewery was a carbon filtration system.

 Carbon Filtration Unit

“Dime Water thank you! We are very pleased with your work”- Belching Beaver Brewery

societe brewing

Societe Brewery Co.

The Dime Water team built for Societe Brewery a reverse osmosis unit, made of stainless steel. The unit is custom designed for brewery needs with blending possibilities.

R.O. System

“Mr. Colburn and the whole Dime Water team was of great help. We are really glad we contacted them.” – Societe Brewery

living tea brewing co

Living Tea Brewing Co.

Dime Water did for Living Tea Brewing Co. extensive filtration necessary for their Kombucha production.

Filtration Unit

“Dime Water you guys are the best, real professionals!” – Living Tea Brewing

Tecate beer

Tecate Beer

Tecate Beer operates with a carbon filtration unit built by Dime Water.

Carbon Filtration Unit

“Dime Water has managed to add to our brewing process a great deal with the carbon filtration unit we purchased from them. Thanks” – Tecate

louisiana state university

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University purchased from Dime Water a commercial reverse osmosis unit for their laboratories.

Commercial R.O. Units

“Our labs needed the R.O. Water, and we are content with the unit. Thank you Dime Water.” – Louisiana State University

dudleys bakery

Dudley’s Bakery

Dime Water sold equipment to Dudley’s Bakery so they can use yeast without chlorine, which has a negative effect on it.

Chlorine Removal

“We are very pleased with the dime Water equipment. It does a great job.” – Dudley’s Bakery



EG&G Technical Services, Inc. interfaced between Dime Water and NASA. Dime Water produced an R.O. unit for the water that was used at the facility where Hubble was created.

R.O. Unit

“We think Dime Water did a good job.” – EG&G Technical Services


M&M Mars

Dime Water built two systems for M&M Mars for the processing of chocolate at their M&M factory in New Jersey.

Equipment for M&M Mars

“The best water for the best chocolate. It’s been great doing business with you. Thank you Dime Water.” – M&M Mars

chemet corporation

American Chemet Corp.

American Chemet Corp. is a chemical manufacturing company, which purchased its reverse osmosis system from Dime Water.

Reverse Osmosis System

“The system works wonderfully. We are pleased.” – American Chemet Corp.

molecule water store

Molecule Water Store

Adam Ruhf got Dime Water’s very first water store in Manhattan. As Manhattan buildings are very narrow we had to build a system that would fit.

Water Store System

“Dime Water does an admirable job, really.” – Adam Ruhf

elite metal finishing

Elite Metal Finishing

Elite Metal Finishing required from Dime Water equipment which combines reverse osmosis and DI for rinsing metals prior to plating and also post plating.

R.O. / DI Combination

“Thank you Dime Water, you did an excellent job.” – Elite Metal Finishing


Atlantic LNG Co.

Atlantic LNG Co purchased a reverse osmosis system from Dime Water. Given the nature of their business the unit was made explosion proof.

Explosion Proof of Reverse Osmosis Unit

“The unit works well. It was a great deal.” – Atlantic LNG Co

becs store and rv park

Becs Store & RV Park

Becs Store & RV Park purchased a relatively large reverse osmosis unit, which went to Arizona for a recreational park.

R.O. Unit

“Before Dime Water’s R.O. system we had really bad water, so we are happy we found them and did business with them.” – Becs Store & RV Park

bel Gioioso cheese inc

Belgioioso Cheese, Inc.

Belgioioso Cheese, Inc. wanted an ultraviolet system from Dime Water to be able to sterilize their water used for cheese manufacturing.

Ultraviolet System

“The fact that we make good cheese shows that we have good water, and that is thanks to Dime Water. Thanks” – Belgioioso Cheese

cal water jet

Cal Water Jet

Cal WaterJet wanted from Dime Water a high purity water unit for water jet cutting.

High Purity Unit

“Thank you Dime Water. We really like your work.” – Cal WaterJet

csu mb

California State University

The California State University of Monterey purchased its high purity system from Dime Water.

Recirculation & High Purity Loop

“Our students benefit greatly from this system. Thank you.” – California State University

booze brothers brewing co

Booze Brothers Brewing Co.

Dime Water built the carbon filtration unit of Booze Brothers Brewing Co. in San Diego.

Carbon Filtration Unit

“We are content with the Dime Water unit. It works flawlessly. Thank you.” – Booze Brothers Brewing

california specialty surgery center

California Specialty Surgery Center, LP

California Specialty Surgery Center asked Dime Water to build for them a DI System for sterilizing instruments prior to surgery.

DI System

“We are pleased with Dime Water’s work. We highly recommend them.” – California Specialty Surgery Center

city of san jose

City Of San Jose

The R.O. system built by Dime Water provides emergency clean water on the event of a natural disaster.

Reverse Osmosis System

“We wanted to be prepared in case a natural disaster should occur and we need water. Dime Water’s help is more than appreciated.” – City of San Jose

expression systems

Expression Systems

Dime Water built Expression Systems a small reverse osmosis unit primarily for their laboratory services.

Small R.O. Unit

“We are content with the system Dime Water provided. It is in excellent shape.” – Expression Systems

frontier aluminum

Frontier Aluminum Corporation

We provided a number of different pieces of equipment for their manufacturing facility.


“We ordered some of our equipment from Dime Water and we were content.. Thank you.” – Frontier Aluminum Corporation

garage brewing co

Garage Brewing Co.

Dime Water build for Garage Brewing carbon filtration and reverse osmosis systems and also provided them with blending equipment so they can tailor their water to the type of the beer that they pro.

Carbon Filtration, R.O. and Blending Equipment

“Thanks Dime team. You guys are the best!” – Garage Brewing

The Green Fix Organic Smoothie using Dime Water RO system

Greenfix Smoothie

Greenfix Smoothie purchased a custom made reverse osmosis unit from Dime Water.

Reverse Osmosis Unit

“In our business, fresh clean water is essential and this is where Dime Water was of great help.” – Greenfix Smoothie

green flash brewing co

Green Flash Brewing Co.

Green Flash Brewing Co. purchased a filtration unit from Dime Water.

Filtration Unit

“Good water, good beer :-)” – Green Flash Brewing Co.

hilton garden inn

Hilton Garden Inn

Dime Water provided Hilton Garden Inn with commercial ESF units to be able to protect their hot water systems, the boilers, and the water appliances in individual rooms.

ESF Units

“Our experience with the Dime Waters ESF units is a really good one. We recommend them warm heartedly.” – Hilton Garden Inn


Jazzercise, Inc.

Dime Water provided Jazzercise, Inc. with drinking water stations.

Drinking Water Stations

“Hydration is essential when you work out, this is why we asked for the help of Dime Water.” – Jazzercise

john emerald distilling company

John Emerald Distilling Company

John Emerald Distilling Company wanted a reverse osmosis system in order to obtain good quality water for whisky production.

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

“Thank you Dime Water, just keep up the good work.” – John Emerald


Newmont Mining Corp.

Newmont Mining Corp. asked Dime Water to build for them an entirely explosion proof commercial reverse osmosis unit.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Unit

“Dime Water did a great job with the explosion proof unit. Thank you.” – Newmont Mining Corp.

palomar mountain water

Palomar Mountain Water

Palomar Mountain Water contacted Dime Water to provide a system for purification of municipal water used in one of their bottling processes.

Water Purifying Equipment

“Working with Dime Water was our pleasure.” – Palomar Mountain Water

pierottes plumbing inc

Pierotte’s Plumbing

Pierotte’s Plumbing purchased reverse osmosis units that aid in a process they developed for dust control

R.O. Units

“Thank You Dime, nice doing business with you.” – Pierotte’s Plumbing

pointe winery

Pointe Winery

In order to protect their plumbing Ponte Winery installed a Dime Water ESF.


“Dime Water’s ESF is working really well for us.” – Ponte Winery

tri-city medical center

Tri City Medical Center

This R.O. unit purchased from Dime Water is used for the cooling tower, located on the top of the hospital.

Custom Reverse Osmosis Unit

“Good work Dime!” – Tri City Medical Center

sigmagraft biomaterials

Sigmagraft, Inc.

Sigmagraft, Inc. purchased a high purity water system from Dime Water.

High Purity Unit

“High purity water is a must for us and Dime Water did a great job with our unit.” – Sigmagraft

Yingli solar

Yingli Green Energy Americas

Yingli is the world’s largest producer of solar panels and purchased from Dime Water a reverse osmosis unit so that they could tailor different waters for the testing of solar panels.

R.O. Unit

“Dime Water team is skilled and highly professional.” – Yingli