ESF Scale Preventer

Made in USAThe ESF Scale Preventer is the most environmentally friendly way for scale prevention in the market today. It eliminates the harmful effects of hard water, and prevents scale build-up, without electrical waste or the need to add salt or chemicals.

Product Description

The ESF Scale Preventer is used by many to protect their equipment, as well as many commercial enterprises.

What Does the ESF Scale Preventer Do?

Hard water scale blocks nozzles, coats pipework, and significantly decreases the efficiency of boilers and heat exchangers leading to substantially increased energy consumption.

The scale preventer avoids these costly challenges by treating water with a patented system that forms calcium hardness crystals, which pass through a strong magnetic field, which renders them harmless to plumbing fixtures. This produces water that is much easier to clean. In addition, the surface tension of the water is greatly reduced, resulting in a higher quality of water absorption in the human body and plant life.

ESF Scale Preventer

Commercial Applications of the ESF

Prevent scale deposits with ESF scale preventer - For residential and commercialThese are just some of the business types that benefit from reducing hard water issues from magnetic water treatment for scale prevention.

  • Landscaping: Scale prevention improves soil percolation and better root propagation by lowering the surface tension of the water.
  • Restaurants: The ESF prevents scale buildup in icemakers, steamers, and coffee makers.
  • Hospitals: Kitchen maintenance is reduced, and protection is provided for autoclaves, steam tables, and laundry equipment.
  • Specialty equipment: The ESF Scale Preventer is used for scale prevention pre-treatment in commercial reverse osmosis systems, car washes, cooling towers, greenhouses, and many more.