Maxi Cure Plus

Made in USAIron and Sulfur Reducing Bacterial Control Max-Cure Plus for Well Water.
For the first time, we can utilize a single filter system WITHOUT the use of constant chemical feed that con- trols not only ferrous and ferric (clear and red-water) iron but also the bacterial form of iron. In addition, it will also control Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor) that is caused by sulfur reducing bacteria (SRB).

  • Eliminates rotten egg odor
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Prevents scale build up
  • Eliminates taste and odors
  • Reduces surface tension of the water for better hydration of humans, animals and plants
  • Soaps and Detergents last longer

No Chemicals, Salt Added to Your Water No Polluting Chemicals or Salt to your Drain

How Does the Maxi Cure Plus Work:

  1. Untreated water enters the system flowing through multiple layers of filtration, reducing levels of bacteria, volatile organics, THMs, taste and odors sediment, suspended solids, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.
  2. The filtered water passes through a spring loaded chamber which creates a slight pressure drop. This pressure drop creates the formation of calcium hardness crystals.
  3. The calcium hardness crystals then pass through a catalytic surface which converts any of the missed dissolved calcium into hardness crystals.
  4. The calcium crystals then pass through a strong magnetic field which serves to hold the crystals in suspension for up to 72 hours rendering them harmless to your plumbing and appliances. This process bonds calcium ions to each other rather than to your plumping.
  5. The final step is Ozone Disinfection. This is done when the system is in the regeneration cycle. The “Terminator” initiates during regeneration. Ozone is drawn into the filter to kill any bacteria that has been caught or has attached itself to the filtering media. Ozone is then reverted to oxygen. Any remaining Ozone is sent to the drain during the regeneration process.

The final product is a safe and healthy water without the harmful effects of hard water