Self Contained Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filter / Nano Treatment Systems

500-5,000 Gallon/Day Whole House Self Contained Series
Fully Factory Assembled and Tested
Ready to Use Immediately

reverse osmosis water filter

First system built for testing prior to production release.
Location: Oceanside, CA
Water Source: Municipal 440 PPM
Date of Installation: 3-1-15
Service through 3-1-21: None
Placement: Garage Front

Enjoy better than bottled water quality throughout your entire home:

  • A Reverse osmosis water filter can provide great tasting safe water free of bacteria, viruses, cysts, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, arsenic, trace metals, chlorine, chloramines, radioactive materials, organic compounds, and virtually any imaginable matter that can exist in water.
  • Soft water for exquisite bathing, showering, and shampooing.
  • Protects plumbing, water heaters, fixtures, and appliances – Replaces water softeners, carbon filters, sediment filters, faucet filters, under counter RO units, and bottled water.
  • Extremely low maintenance and reliable system. Hundreds of similar units produced since 1994.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Features

  • 200 gallons of treated water in the inert polyethylene storage base of the unit
  • Space saving size 40″ x 58″ x 45″ high,
  • Indoor and outdoor versions available
  • 50-80% water efficiency
  • 5 micron/activated carbon pre-filtration
  • 12GPM re-pressure system to home
  • Ultra Violet lamp final filtration to home
  • Inlet and treated water quality displayed
  • Built-in by-pass simplifies and lowers installation cost
  • Constructed specifically for YOUR water. City or well
  • Wetted components FDA and/or NSF approved