Replaceable Cartridge Filters

Replaceable Cartridge Filters
Water filter cartridges

Dime Water, Inc. can offer customers just about every kind of cartridge that one can think of, including:

  • Off the shelf cartridges – for taking out turbidity and making the water look clear
  • Variety of carbon cartridges – for removing taste and odor (including chlorine and chloramines)
  • Cartridges produced with the same media that one would find in the list of filter media – for particular applications such as arsenic or fluoride removal (up to 4 different media can be combined in 1 cartridge)



Cartridge Filters
Water Cartridge housings

Cartridges are often a viable alternative for producing water at a single point, like a special faucet or a water cooler or something of that nature where it is either impractical or financially not viable to treat all of the water in the facility.

The cartridge sizes that are available are:

  • 2 ½ inches in diameter by 10 inches long
  • 2 ½ inches in diameter by 20 inches long
  • 4 ½ inches in diameter by 20 inches long
  • 8 inches in diameter by 36 Inches long

The flow rate for each cartridge is a function of two things:

  1. The size of the cartridge
  2. Precisely what needs to be removed with the media

If we are dealing with something physical, like turbidity in the water, we don’t have to be too precise, but if we are dealing with something that has a health related issue such as arsenic, or uranium, or chromium then it is very important that we control or minimize the flow rate and provide the customer with a good estimate of the life of the cartridge, so that there is no chance to overrun it and end up not treating the water.

The housings are made of a NSF compliant material. Cartridges with media (resin, carbon, etc.) have at each end of the cartridge  a 5 micron filter that prevents the loss of the media into the water and also gives crystal clear looking water.


Cartridges are a viable alternative for producing water at a single point, being built using an NSF-compliant material for housings and at each end of the cartridge, there is a 5 micron filter to prevent the loss of filter media into the water.

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A water treatment system service and maintenance plan is an economical interference-free manner in order to ensure that the water treatment system is operating at the desired performance. Our approach is – on a local basis including much of southern California – to use contractors’ help. More often than not, we are able to provide a plumber or a licensed technician that will work on our behalf to get the equipment repaired. We are available from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday to answer all your questions!

Dime Water, Inc. provides pre- and post treatment instructions with every system at the time of the shipment. Our staffed engineers will be in touch with you to answer all your questions about pre- or post treatment. If you have any questions, call and talk to our water treatment experts.


A: Yes we have products for that.

A: We do these calculations for you after we tested your water.

A: We will give you an estimate about this when you purchase the unit.

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