Water Treatment Solutions for Food and Beverage Processors

wastewater treatment

The food and beverage industry is constantly looking for improved ways of achieving control over costs and health risks in order to meet the demands of its customers and regulators.  Water is a major issue in this industry and businesses are looking for water and energy conservation while simultaneously maintaining or increasing water quality. Dime Water, Inc. has the technology and products to meet these expectations.

Wastewater treatment is highly important in the food and beverage industry. Often process water can be cleaned up for reuse utilizing treatment processes similar to the front end water treatment. Water and disposal cost savings often offset equipment operating costs.

Some of the requirements of the agri-food industry include

  • Preservation of water resources.
  • Elimination of C, N, P and COD pollution.
  • Reduction of energy consumption.
  • Management of odor problems.
  • Recycling of sludge.
  • Treatment of fats.
  • Ensuring the reliability of physicochemical treatment.
  • Controlling product health risks.

Dime Water, Inc. offers a full range of water treatment solutions that cover complete operation of our clients’ water treatment installations, maintenance and technical assistance:

  • Nanofiltration.
  • Backwashing carbon filters.
  • Ozone.
  • Water softeners.

Our technologies can help our clients reduce operating costs, conserve energy and comply with federal, regional and local government regulations. We operate in the following sectors: brewing, distilling, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, meat, fish and sea food, milk and dairy products, animal feed, bakery products, pasta products, fruit and vegetable packing, confectionery and others.