Water Treatment Systems for Restaurants

ESF Chemical free water treatment for homes and businesses
Chemical Free water treatment for restaurants

Many restaurants require different types of water filtration and conditioning in order to provide customers with a memorable dining experience. A restaurant is not caters to the customers, but also to their memories which usually tie up to their experience at the eatery.

Spotless dishes, equipment like electric deep fryers, industrial fridges, clean silverware and glassware, along with great tasting drinking water and scale prevention, could be dealbreakers for a restaurant that respects itself and its customers. Water spots on dishes appear as a result of the calcium in the water and can make customers believe the restaurant did not do a good job cleaning the dishes and glassware the previous customers were using. A water softener can fix this issue if it is installed on the feed side of the restaurant’s water heater or boiler. It will also protect the restaurant’s water heater and dishwashers from scale buildup. If you are in need of assistance with your plumbing then you may wish to view website of plumbers offering their services in your area who can both repair and install your heating unit. Water softeners need to be sized according to the restaurant’s plumbing, incoming water hardness and water usage, and, after these are determined, the softener will be designed to soften a specific amount of gallons.

The AquaferTM is used where superior water is desired for both taste and functional use. Older model water systems often require businesses to have to learn more info on the best water heater repair processes to keep their systems running, but with this new innovative technology, many of those woes have gone away. The system transforms dissolved calcium to crystallized calcium, which is rendered harmless and free from its objectionable scaling effects in this state. Our patented AquaferTM Plus is quite possibly the most environmentally friendly, multi-purpose, chemical-free water treatment system ever produced. It reduces heavy metals, removes chlorine and reduces chloramines and renders water hardness.

In many cases, restaurants prefer to install a water filtrating system that will treat the entire facility. This is extremely important if you live in places that have hard, mineral-laden water. You could learn more about the installation and repair process on websites like Craftsman Plumbing (check craftsman-plumbing.com/service-areas/plumbing-services-in-wedgwood-neighborhood/). In these cases, the ESFTM Plus system provides an economical way for providing clients with quality water, while at the same time protecting the plumbing fixtures and water-related appliances. Reverse osmosis and UV systems are also very commonly used in restaurant businesses across the US.

Water By Design
This unique application is provided to restaurants that want to add to their bottom line by offering in house purified water, alkaline or electrolyte induced water. Dime Water, Inc. has the capability to build any size system you need based on your projections of usage and water chemistry. These systems are custom built for your specific needs. They can be designed to produce purified water through reverse osmosis or nanofiltration. In addition, an option of alkaline boost can be added to provide your customers with the new trend of Alkaline Water. Water by Design systems can be built based on your space requirements as a wall mount system as seen on the right or floor mounted as well.

Available Options:

Filters and Anti Scaling Devices for Icemakerswater filters for ice makers
Most restaurants have Commerical Icemakers. These appliances are designed to provide the customer with crystal clear ice cubes. This process is done by using vertical ice cube trays. The water is passed over the trays and ice is formed in layers. The vertical ice trays require a constant circulation of water. During this freezing process, air and minerals do not settle as the ice is produced, resulting in crystal clear ice cubes. As the ice cubes are produced, there is a heavy residual mineral build-up that occurs in the tray area. It is imperative icemakers are equipped with an anti-scaling device or the ice cubes will become smaller and pitted. To prevent this, Dime Water, Inc. offers it’s patented ESFTM system, polyphosphate feeders and water softeners depending on your needs and specifications.

Central Water Systems for Restaurants
These systems are called our “Multi-Task” systems. Central Water Systems are custom built based on the size of your restaurant and what you want to accomplish in water treatment.

Water Softeners for Restaurants

Water spots on silverware, glassware and dishes can be a Restaurant Manager’s nighmare. Even though the glassware has passed through the dishwashing process, it can look dirty resulting in your customers questioning your sanitation procedures. Due to the high temperature requirements for dishwashing, water softeners are needed to remove the calcium and magnesium that are responsible for these unsightly problems. Dime Water, Inc. offers complementary consultation regarding sizing and pricing for water softeners. Improperly sized systems can cause problems as well such as flow rate issues, premature exhaustion of the softener resulting in increased maintainence and inconsistent soft water. Let an expert consult with you regarding any of your water treatment needs.