Water Treatment Units for Agriculture


The agriculture market is confronting water treatment issues related to an ever-increasing demand for irrigation water, compromised water quality, declining availability and expanded government regulations. The vegetable and fruit processor’s segment of the market also faces water treatment issues and regulations that involve vegetable/fruit washing and waste water recycling.

As for the dairy and CAFO segments of the agricultural producer market, manure storage, treatment, and handling regulation compliance are major issues that need to be addressed. Each of these issues needs to have adequate support to ensure they are meeting the requirements set. This may mean speaking to a metal building contractor for proper storage solutions, as well as keeping up to date with compliance guidelines. Water treatment technologies employed for the agriculture markets include:

  • Filtration
  • Mixing/Aeration
  • Reverse Osmosis

Dime Water, Inc. provides customized water management solutions and project/application-specific integrated water treatment, helping agriculture businesses thrive through reuse and recycling:

  • Nanofiltration Units
  • Sulfate/Nitrate Removal Units

Water sources traditionally used in this field and its applications include surface water, groundwater, properly treated municipal and industrial wastewaters, and liquid manures stored in lagoons onsite large dairy and swine farms. As the commercial agriculture consumes more and more water, both wastewater streams and regulatory requirements increase. To ensure profitability, commercial agriculture operations must reduce water usage, bacteria growth rates and reduce waterborne diseases, among other requirements. Commercial growers looking for the latest technology in horticulture cultivation should check out the products available from Agron – learn more.

Wastewater treatment solutions for agriculture should be chemical-free in order to implement effective wastewater management, which has become one of the cornerstones of running a successful agriculture business. Our equipment delivers cost-effective and chemical-free solutions for the treatment and reuse of large amounts of wastewater generated from agricultural operations. Furthermore, hiring companies like urban-gro to help create a controlled environment agriculture design can better organize the way that they are using the land and water usage.

Wastewater from livestock farms and feedlots for example is highly odorous and toxic, containing high nitrate and phosphorous content, pathogenic bacteria, and antibiotics. Vineyards and wineries require special wastewater treatment, which includes solids removal, bacteria control, membrane biofouling, and pH neutralization. To achieve the correct water treatment solution, it might be worth visiting https://www.veoliawatertech.com/en/expertise/applications/wastewater-treatment, for example. That company should be able to implement a custom-tailored system that should treat any water, making it safe to use again.

Dime Water, Inc. relies on a variety of computer programs to design systems tailored to our client’s specific water supply and application needs. Our technology can solve the most challenging agricultural water treatment challenges and meet the needs of each unique customer.