Organic Gardening water filter



guard'n grow garden water filterMore and more frequently we see engineering input taking place in the medical field from robotic surgical machines to placing magnetically guided medicine filled vessels placed in the bloodstream to continually sending patient health status to a computer armed with Artificial Intelligence. Recently our company received a patent status for a system to treat water for Hemodialysis units.

In the last few years, we have applied our engineering skills to obtaining more healthful food. The sayings are “you are what you eat” and “food is medicine”. With an ever-growing percentage of people realizing this and putting family health into their own hands by growing their own nutritious vegetables in home gardens. We are aware of this and offer two products to make these foods even better. They are our GUARD’N GROW and ESF.

The GUARD’N GROW unit truly guards and improves plants. All edible plants deliver vitamins and minerals through consumption. These nutrients get into the plant via water. An important step in the process involves the minerals converting from their inorganic to organic forms making them more bioavailable to the plant and ultimately to the consumer. This is accomplished by the reaction of the nutrients in the soil with a host of living organisms also in the soil. Kill these organisms and both the plant and the consumer are robbed of nutrition. If watered with water containing chlorine which is found in 99% of municipal supplies, a percentage of the organisms dies with each watering. The GUARD’N GROW removes this damaging chlorine PLUS it removes trace heavy metals that could find their way into the food PLUS it acts as a biocide to kill unwanted bacteria in the source water. NOTHING is added to the water. This is a hose-end product that will treat up to 25,000 gallons. Refills and commercial systems are available.

As mentioned, water is the vehicle to get nutrients into the plant. The easier we make it for a plant to absorb the water, the more robust and nutritious the plant becomes. This can be accomplished by passing the water through our ESF unit. The ESF reduces the surface tension of water allowing it to travel more deeply and effectively into a plant. This is done via a catalytic/magnetic process that has no moving parts, no replacement cartridges and has a demonstrated service free life of over 20 years.

Never ones to stop improving and inventing, we are developing yet another product to enhance garden plants for greater size and nutrition. It will provide STRUCTURED WATER.

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