Commercial Water Softeners

commercial water softeners

There have been many changes in commercial water softeners. Gone (almost) are the days of metal pressure vessels (tanks) that have a horrible history of failure due to corrosion and a nest of diaphragm control valves that technologically date back to the 1930s and are a service nightmare.

Current commercial water softeners utilize corrosion-proof, extended life tanks constructed of polyethylene for chemical inertness and covered in epoxy and fiberglass for superior strength. In addition, the nest of valves has been replaced with a single serviceable fully automatic valve.

Complimenting the modern tanks and valves on commercial water softeners are integrated control systems with a multitude of features to reduce salt usage and wastewater discharge and multiple systems to guarantee softened water 24/7.

If contemplating the purchase of a commercial water softener, contact a manufacturer with the engineering expertise to understand your specific needs and provide the system that has not only a low cost but also the longest life and lowest operating cost.

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