Plastic Water Bottle Waste in Ocean

BEGINNING OF THE END – Plastic Waste Suit

In 2020 an organization called EARTH ISLAND out of Berkley, California filed suit in the California court system against all beverage companies selling beverages in California that use plastic bottles. This, of course, includes drinking water as well as sodas and others.

The desired outcome is to eliminate plastic bottle waste from the environment by replacing them with biodegradable and environment-friendly bottles. Not surprisingly, the industry leaders have fought back primarily with two tactics one being it should be a federal suite where it would be prohibitively expensive to file and pursue, and the other a change of venue to each company’s corporate headquarters which would increase costs dramatically. This week a state judge struck down both tactics and the California suit will proceed.

A casual look at store shelves indicates that based on shelf space, bottled water is by far the largest target and with California having almost 1/8 of the US population, the potential impact on bottled water sales will be significant. A switch to cans is an alternative that would probably increase cost and additionally may not be received well by consumers because of carrying and closure issues. In some parts of the world plastic packets called sachets are used, but they too lack consumer convenience and plastic waste remains.

We have all seen photos and/or videos of hideous areas of plastic waste dominated by discarded bottles. PFAs are regarded as forever plastics because they simply will not break down in water or sunlight but instead wear mechanically to become microparticles now found in our food chain and within virtually all living creatures. The plastics used in drinking water bottles are almost-forever materials that blight the environment and impact living creatures. Certainly, the plastics industry and others are aware of what may change in California and are working with their customers for viable alternatives. But until then?

Few of us want restrictions imposed via courts or legislative actions, but before such activity takes place, it may be wise and environmentally responsible to consider a viable alternative such as treating the water in the home or office and utilizing permanent, often insulated personal bottles. Excellent treatment for taste, odor, and safety can be achieved with Dime Water, Inc.’s lineup of under-counter REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS. One system the Model DRO-100-ZW does this with ZERO WASTED WATER.