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structured water cellFor over a century people knowledgeable about water and its critical importance to health and longevity have sought the perfect water which was referred to as STRUCTURED WATER. It can now be produced in homes or offices thanks to scientific work at the University of Washington and work done in Dime Water’s laboratory. It is a truly natural process of incorporating special surface areas, inert hyper hydrophilicity materials, infrared energy and multiple vortices. Nothing is added to the water.

This results in columns of hexagonal arrayed water molecules which are denser than untreated water, more viscous, have less hydrogen and a slightly elevated pH.

installed structured water cell under sinkSome experiments indicate Structured Water replicates intercellular water closely thus being more bio-compatible. The model SW105 STRUCTURED WATER cell is shown here attached to the side of an under the sink kitchen cupboard and being fed by cold water from a supply valve that we in-clude. The treated water out of the top goes to a drinking/cooking water faucet mounted on or adjacent to the sink. The small (6 watt) power supply enhances the infrared energy. The compact size of 8”H x 6”W x 5”D permits installation in virtually all applications. Structured water on tap 24/7. No maintenance or replacement cartridges ever. For an approximately 25% improvement in quality add this cell to the faucet line from an existing under counter reverse osmosis unit.

The ultimate in treated drinking water is available in our compact under counter system Model Structured Water Cell R.O. This unit provides up to 100 gallons daily of treated water. 75% water efficiency (3 gal treated:1 gallon drain). Processes include:
– Initial filtration to 5 micron
– Biocidal contact filtration
– Chlorine removal
– Heavy metals removal
– Chloramines removal
– Filtration to 0.002 micron
– 96.5% dissolved elements removal
– Magnetic field
– Hematite / crystals
– Catalytic Carbon

structured water cell

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