Water Filtration Key Questions - RO?

Water Filtration Key Questions

Water filtration products

Water filtration is an all-inclusive term that can relate to dozens of processes and hundreds of process combinations. To make life easy we encourage you to first consider:

  1. How much water will you treat? If less than 200 gallons daily and/or flow rates less than 5 GPM cartridge systems may be viable alternatives to backwashing filters.
  2. Are utilities available? Is there electrical power and a drain in reasonably close proximity to the installation point. Also, be aware of sewer discharge regulations and costs
  3. Handling of chemicals? Weight of regenerating chemicals and treatment location may make chemical use impractical. Also, be aware of toxicity and corrosivity issues.
  4. Physical size and clearances. As examples cartridge replacement requires easy access and removal clearance and UV lamp replacement needs axial clearance for annual lamp replacement
  5. Maintenance cost. Generally, the cost goes up with complexity. Automatic valves have parts that wear and break. Multiple units in series require more TLC than a single multi-function unit

Once the above is considered for your water filtration needs then go to the Process Selection Guide at www.dimewaterinc.com. As you view this guide feel free to engage with the engineers at Dime Water 760-734-5787 or sales@dimewaterinc.com. Dime builds all types and sizes of water filtration equipment and wants to help customers get it right.

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