What is the best water filter for you and your family

What’s the Best Water Filter for You?

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It’s very difficult to respond to a customer requesting the best water filter. Are they referring to price, treated water quality, the quantity of water produced, number of treatment steps or what?

We believe that the best water filter is the one that does precisely what the customer needs and will do it reliably for years.

Reviewing some of the definitions for best:

  – Price. Imported components, inexperienced assemblers, lack of post-sale service are popular ways to drive prices down but end up being costly

  – Smaller unit. Undersized equipment running 24/7 to keep up is a short term savings.

  – Missing or improper pre-treatment. Costly early and repeated R.O. membrane cleaning and or replacement

  – Downtime. What could be more costly than waiting for assistance or parts from a non existing or non knowledgeable customer service?

  – Out of spec water quality. Too late. If the system is built wrong, replacement or rebuilding may be the only answer.

The only way to get the best water purifier is to work with a responsive manufacturer staffed with experienced engineers and express your expectations.

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