Bottled Water in Plastic Water Bottles

Billions on Bottled Water: Is It Worth It?

Bottled Water Cost

Americans will spend $16 billion on bottled water this year. Think about it – millions of us every day will go out and pay to get something that is more or less the same as what comes out of our kitchen faucet.

Of course, it’s that ‘more or less’ detail that makes all the difference.

Bottled water, whether it is labeled as artesian, mineral or spring water, is regulated by the FDA and must meet that organization’s water quality standards. That gives us a sense of confidence that this water is healthier and safer, and it usually tastes better too.

But what if you could achieve those same levels of quality and taste in your tap water? How much money would that add back into your family’s budget?

Is It Just Tap Water?

Believe it or not, even if you buy water from the store you may be drinking someone’s tap water anyway. Pictures of mountains and glaciers on bottle labels help consumers to visualize the purity of a clear stream in the Rockies, but that doesn’t mean that is where the contents originated.

Those brands that do put more effort into their product will filter water using reverse osmosis, which removes impurities and particles larger than .001 microns. But that is something you can do as well.

Dimewater Inc. offers several reverse osmosis systems that remove bacteria, pyrogens, viruses, pesticides, dissolved solids, sulfates, radioactive contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and other harmful particles from your water.  Choose from our standard product line of reverse osmosis systems or choose to utilize our in-house engineering team to design a custom engineered system based upon your needs.

Call us at 760.734.5787 and get in touch with one of our water experts today.

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