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Reverse Osmosis Filter Equipment, Commercial Purchasing Guide

reverse osmosis filter componentsHave questions about purchasing commercial reverse osmosis filter equipment? As business people, you probably wouldn’t buy or lease a building based only on square footage, a vehicle based totally on length or a computer system focusing exclusively on storage capacity.  Knowing reasonable details about each of these examples is the norm for long term useful and satisfactory purchases.

Strangely, all too often commercial reverse osmosis filter units are selected from a catalog or on-line provider based solely on how much water it can produce in a day.  A few purchasers get lucky but the vast majority come up short on desired water quality, excessive maintenance, poor after-sale assistance and yes, even insufficiently treated water volume for the day.

To design and construct reverse osmosis equipment to meet customer’s needs at a competitive price Dime Water, Inc. processes all inquiries through experienced engineers that listen intently to all application requirements and then feed this information along with water chemistry data as well as ambient conditions into one or more computerized design programs.  The result is systems that meet YOUR needs without fail.

If you are not asked about your treated water quality expectations, raw water source, job site location, storage volume, available space, and power along with control requirements you are in danger of not getting what you need.

If you are in the market for water treatment equipment whether a commercial or industrial reverse osmosis system, filter, softener, deionized or any other process contact us and let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

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