The Amazing RO System

The Amazing RO Systems

DRO 100 RO Systems

DRO-100 RO Systems

The use of the words “RO Systems Water Purifier” often appears in written and verbal requests from residential and commercial customers seeking better water for their home or business. Such wording is an excellent place to begin the discussion about the final customer needs because the RO water purifier will:

  • Filter water to a particulate size down to 0.002 microns or smaller. This is 1/38,000th of a human hair and can prevent the passage of bacteria, viruses, and cysts.
  • Remove up to 99.9% of everything dissolved in water including minerals, metals, radioactive materials and pharmaceuticals.

This creates water that is well on its way to becoming pure. Most systems designated as RO water purifiers also incorporate other filtration steps to protect the RO membrane and further purify the water by removing gas phase items such as chlorine and chloramines. Also, filters remove volatile organics such as insecticides and pesticides and often ultraviolet light is added for safety from any living organisms.
Pure has a broad definition of water that doesn’t leave spots on dishes to water that can be used to prepare medicines and beyond. RO water purifier thus can evolve with RO being the primary process into 10 or more filtration steps to meet customer needs.