Water for Purists: Dime Water’s New Water Treatment Product Line

New line of custom-built water treatment products

Wellness enthusiasts and water purists rejoice! Dime Water Inc. is proud to announce our new line of custom-built water treatment products in the wellness industry, which we call WFP (Water for Purists). Since our inception, we evolved with the thought that innovative ideas regarding our drinking water are most welcome, thus, we are always researching and experimenting with products that we believe can bring significant changes to a household’s drinking water quality.

Water for Purists is an idea born considering our human nature and the ever-growing need to know what it is in our water. People are becoming more and more informed and aware of water’s properties as a result of numerous scientific studies and publications. Many authors have contributed to elevate the awareness of the public as to how can water quality be improved, and many people have started taking action and considering various water treatment units for their homes and businesses.

We at Dime Water Inc. have a passion for water. Inspired by renowned scientists from all over the world such as Dr. Batmanghelidj, Wm. D. Holloway, Herb Joiner-Bey, Masaru Emoto, Viktor Schauberger, Dr. R.O. Becker, Bruce Taino, just to name a few of those who contributed to elevate awareness of the mysteries of water, we have developed a new product line, actually series of products that we refer to as WFP (Water For Purists) units.

Dianne Kuypers, President of Dime Water Inc.

5 Series with Incredible Efficiency

These custom-built units are designed to treat a single point of use or the entire house, depending on what our clients request. The series developed by our talented, skillful and experienced team includes:

  • WFP-1 Series: Filters
  • WFP-2 Series: Oxygenation
  • WFP-3 Series: Vortexing
  • WFP-4 Series: Frequency Addition
  • WFP-5 Series: Ozonation AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)

WFP-1 Series: Filters

This series includes single and dual counter top cartridge filters. The units we provide are portable, adaptable to faucet spouts and allow selection of treated/untreated water through a diverter valve. They are specially designed to keep under control:

  • alkalinity
  • chloramines
  • chlorine
  • electrolytes
  • fluoride
  • heavy metals
  • TDS
  • volatile organics

WFP-2 Series: Oxygenation

These custom-built units restore the oxygen level in your drinking water to a level of your choosing. The units can also be added to existing reverse osmosis units or incorporated into other Dime Water Inc. products. Our custom-built systems use 80% pure oxygen. Another advantage is that the presence of oxygen in drinking water assists protective coating formation on the inside of metal water transport pipes.

WFP-3 Series: Vortexing

The WFP-3 Series are available for whole house systems, drinking water-only units but can also be incorporated in Maxicure™, Aquafer™, Aquafer Plus™ and ESF™ units. The vortex phenomenon, which these units are able to recreate, is able to bring back vital life into your water.

WFP-4 Series: Frequency Addition

We have designed custom units that impart the frequency of 62-68 cycles per second, which is believed to be a healthy body’s natural intracellular frequency. Users can also adjust the frequency from 8-20,000 cycles per seconds for drinking water-only or for all water in their home.

WFP-5 Series: Ozonation AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process)

Dime Water Inc. has designed and manufactured the WFP-5 Series for drinking water and whole house applications. Combined with UV light treatment, ozone is known to be extremely effective in removing bacteria and organics from the water, leaving your water free from any organic contaminants of concern.

We manufacture all items so you can be assured of excellent value in pricing, quality and durability. If anyone is interested in a process not displayed in our series, we can always be contacted with requests.

Michael Colburn, Vice President and Chief Engineer at Dime Water Inc.

Prices for our custom-built WFP units are all available upon request. Contact us at 760.734.5787 for more information about our products!