For over 20 years, Dime Water has been constructing nonchemical water treatment equipment. We have utilized very powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets to cause particles in the water to cling to one another (agglomerate) for particle life extension or filtration. I have personally dismissed the thought that a magnetic field could, in addition, react on the water itself. I believe that I have been in error.

Magnetized Water Testing

A recent summary of tests conducted to determine patient benefits for diabetes control related to drinking water exposed to a strong magnetic field or “magnetized water” showed positive results. Albeit animal studies under close clinical controls, such research often finds its way into what we call mainstream or western medicine and pharmacology. The summary states “it is suggested that the long-term intake of magnetized water over 8 weeks may be beneficial in both prevention and treatment of complications in diabetic patients”.
The study can be found online at
Magnetism apparently acts as an antioxidant and further in the report improvements to liver function and oral health are mentioned as are hexagonal structure clusters of water molecules.

Magnetic Water Usage

Magnetic fields have been used for decades in countries such as Russia to accelerate wound and burn healing via increased blood flow. This is intuitively understandable given the iron prevalence in human blood. The FDA has now approved devices for such uses and their benefits. The phenomenon of magnetized water has been promoted for many years for enhancement of irrigation water with claims for increased crop yields, larger plants, and less water required. Empirical data support the claims, but controlled tests are scarce.
For reference the following Dime Water products contain strong magnetic fields that plausibly have these additional consumer benefits: