Water Treatment Systems for Car Washes

Dimewater Carwash Water Systems

Dimewater Carwash Water Systems

The majority of car washes today use reverse osmosis systems to take the minerals out of the water. In most cases, RO requires a minimum of 3 gallons of waste to 1 gallon of product water. Wastewater is required to carry the minerals away from the membrane so they will not clog up and stop producing mineral-free water. Dime Water, Inc.’s RO systems produce ultra pure water, which can be used to flush away marks in the car wash. Also, RO treated water leaves no line marks on the car lacquer while it dries up.

Kind of car washing activity

Average drinking water consumption per car wash installation

Washing cars by hand with a hose

400 liters

Conventional car wash installation

150 liters

Car wash installation with Dimewater water recycling system

10-50 liters

Washing cars out on the street has been restricted for a long time in many communities for ecological considerations. Washing water contains oils and lubricants, heavy metals, suspended matter, tar and microorganisms, which will end up in soils and posing a threat to groundwater. Industrial water in a car washing installation can be microbiologically contaminated, so it is necessary for both the personnel and the customer to be protected against a possible health endangerment.

Water softeners, backwashing carbon filters and backwashing turbidity filters can also be used in the car washing industry. We provide a wide range of award-winning water recycling solutions that are engineered considering our clients’ needs. Dime Water, Inc. has the knowledge to provide any business with a tailored solution.

A client’s car wash is likely the largest single point of water consumption and discharge he will have at his business. We can help you reduce your water and trade waste costs with systems that pay for themselves through savings. Our systems are durable and compact, built to last and provide guaranteed performance for your car washing business.

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